Be the CEO
of Your Business and Your Life

The playbook for working yourself out of a job and building a performing asset that will finance your greatest dreams.

If your business is dependent on your presence, you own a job – not a performing asset.

As a business owner, you pour your heart and soul into building your company. Long hours, tough decisions, and countless sacrifices to see your dream take flight. You may be clocking 65+ hours and can’t remember the last time you had an evening off, but that’s expected for a top-performing business owner, right? Wrong.

Regardless of where you are in the lifecycle of your business, if the day-to-day operations orbit solely around you, the potential for your business is not only stunted but vulnerable to collapse. There’s a better way…


What if you had a business that worked for you?

(rather than the other way around)

Speaker, Business Owner, and Ownership Lifecycle Expert, Blair Koch, has committed her career to showing overworked entrepreneurs that a vibrant life and a successful business can coexist. Through keynotes and workshops, Blair empowers business owners to step into the role of CEO not only for their business but also in their life.


Where is Blair off to next?

  • July



    July 1, 2024 | Virtual

    BEP Talks

    Beliefs Experiences Passions (BEP)

  • May



    May 28, 2024 | Colorado, USA

    Organic Growth vs. Growth Through Acquisition, Business Panel

    Exit Planning Institute (EPI)

  • May



    May 13, 2024 | Colorado, USA

    Networking Your Way to More Money

    City of Denver Economic Development & Opportunity Workforce 50+

  • March



    March 6. 2024 | Florida, USA

    The Leadership & Growth Hub

    The Business Show (TBS) – Miami


A diagnosis that changed everything…

Thyroid cancer. An unexpected and life-altering diagnosis that turned Blair’s corporate-driven, achievement-oriented life upside down. Faced with a serious health crisis, Blair was forced to take a good hard look at her life and reassess the trajectory she was on.

Since the age of three, Blair has been a force to be reckoned with. Driven by ambition and a dream to be an Olympic figure skater, she dedicated her childhood to rigorous training and competition. Her young adulthood brought new challenges and opportunities as she entered the corporate world, quickly climbing the ladder of success. Impressive titles, high-profile projects, and a fast-paced lifestyle marked her professional journey. But it all came at a very high cost. Blair ultimately found herself overworked, lacking a life, and battling cancer.

Blair’s diagnosis served as a welcomed wake-up call that moved her to redefine what success truly means to her – not just in her career, but in every aspect of life.


Today, Blair is cancer-free and on a mission to help fellow entrepreneurs break free from the cycle of being controlled by their work and reclaim their lives.

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Audiences describe Blair as:

“The change we’ve been waiting for.”

“The best and smartest thing a business owner can do is leverage the lessons of other owners. Blair is a master at looking at situations and key decisions and offering sound advice from her vast experience working with entrepreneurs, and her own considerable management experience.”



Beyond Business: Being the CEO of Your Life

A 45-minute Keynote tailored to every audience.

You may be the CEO of your business, but are you the CEO of your life? If your personal vision and goals don’t drive strategic business decisions, you’re missing out on the full potential of your business and the life you deserve.

Blair’s signature keynote, “Beyond Business: Being the CEO of Your Life” inspires entrepreneurs to transform their businesses into performing assets that work them out of a job. Through real-life examples and actionable strategies, audiences learn the key to creating systems and structures that allow their businesses to operate with or without them. This leadership pivot creates space to see their business in a new light, their time as a precious resource, and their well-being as the ultimate measure of success.

A relatable blend of personal anecdotes and practical advice, Blair speaks to the very soul of perpetually overwhelmed entrepreneurs who are eager to move the needle forward in business and life.


Saying “I plan to work until I’m in a box” is not a business strategy

Not only is it unrealistic and unsustainable, but it sets you up for a future of burnout, missed opportunities, and a risky reliance on factors outside your control.

Let your personal vision and pursuit of what you love drive you to work, not because you feel trapped by your own success.

A raw, honest conversation on finding purpose and fulfillment in business and life.

Blair’s keynotes and presentations are for any business leader who wants to step into a new role as the CEO of their life. By saying yes to this transformation, audiences can expect a newfound sense of clarity and direction – knowing their business is not just a means to financial success, but a vehicle to achieve a fulfilling and vibrant life.


  • Develop a personal vision as a roadmap for life
  • Align business decisions with their personal vision and goals
  • Build a powerhouse team that runs the day-to-day operations
  • Identify key areas for automation, delegation, and out-sourcing
  • Invest in a performing asset for long-term success and sustainability
  • Work themselves out of a job

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