Engagement Options

A Full Suite of Business Leadership & Team Development Services

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  • Group Talent Insights Workshop 
  • Business Owner Advisory Board/Mastermind Group 
  • One-on-One Business Coaching 
  • Exit Planning 
  • StratPro – Where Strategy Meets Productivity 
  • Team Development Exercises 
  • Lifebook

“Blair has been a valuable resource and networker helping facilitate groups in several industry verticals. Her ability to grasp needs and match people furthering their businesses is timely and thoughtful. I enjoy working with her and would highly recommend her to all the business owners I support regardless of what stage in business they are in. Thank you Blair.”

Cindy Grove

“Blair was an INVALUABLE resource during the critical rebranding and key message development for Davacord. Having also worked with her while I was with Echopass, Blair was the first and only person I thought of for such critical work, and her work and expertise are to this day still the groundwork for a very successful corporate message and PR platform.”

Chris Homer

“I have found Blair to be very insightful. She really allows you to develop and learn from the group, but is always on task to have input to put a spin on the conversations that you may not see. Normally this is a path that no one ever sees or has thought of as a solution. Having a coach like Blair is critical for successful leaders in todays ever changing world.”


“The best and smartest thing a business owner can do is leverage the lessons of other owners. Blair is a master at looking at situations and key decisions, and offering sound advice from her vast experience working with entrepreneurs, and her own considerable management experience. After working with her for almost 10 years, I can say her counsel is always worth listening to – and her intentions are always focused on the success of her client.”

Stu Perlmeter