Beyond Business:
Being the CEO of Your Life

The playbook for working yourself out of a job and building a performing asset that will finance your greatest dreams.


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Speaker Intro

Our speaker knows a thing or two about small to midsize business owners, their leadership teams, and the unique challenges they face in an increasingly competitive world.

She is a Business Ownership Lifecycle Expert, Keynote Speaker and Owner and CEO of The Alternative Board – Denver West. She has worked with hundreds of company owners to enhance their acumen and real-world skills in the business of running and growing an organization. Today Blair stands before us as a tenacious trailblazer who is single-handedly changing the rules on how we as business owners measure success and find personal fulfillment. When asked what is truly unique about herself, Blair says “absolutely nothing.”

Ladies and gentlemen, please give a big warm welcome to Blair Koch.

Written Bio

Blair Koch is a Keynote Speaker, Ownership Lifecycle Expert, and CEO.

Blair is the owner and CEO of The Alternative Board (TAB) – Denver West; a growing, thriving ecosystem of people and possibilities that participate in a suite of powerful streamlined programs that include leadership development, peer advisory boards, and coaching and consulting services supporting small to mid-sized business owners in their entrepreneurial journey.

Her experience in start-ups and entrepreneurship has given her a deep understanding of the unique challenges facing overworked, burned-out business owners. And the findings aren’t pretty.

Blair’s desire to help entrepreneurs regain control of their time, energy, and futures led her to develop the playbook for working yourself out of a job and building a performing asset that finances your greatest dreams.

Today, Blair speaks to audiences around the country, sharing actionable strategies to help business owners professionally and personally thrive at every stage of the ownership journey.

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Be the CEO of Your Businessand Your Life


Beyond Business: Being the CEO of Your Life

Running and growing a successful business is a relentless endeavor. So many exhaustive nights worrying and strategizing. Endless meetings with stakeholders. You live your life constantly climbing the mountain, never reaching the top, always gasping for air as you feverishly attack that never shrinking list of stuff only you can do.

You went into business for yourself to have more time, more money, more freedom and probably because you wanted to be your own boss too. In reality, you have no time, no money, no freedom.


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